Introduction: “My road to becoming a web developer”

Hi all and welcome to my first blog post,

My name is Julian van der Giesen and I am a 25 year old web developer.

Last year I followed the “Multimedia Engineer” education at College of Multimedia in Amsterdam. During this course I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Next to coding and scripting, I also learned a lot about Audio, Video and 3D animations.

After finishing the “Multimedia Engineer” Course I still feel like there is a lot to learn. That’s why I recently signed myself up for a 8-week development bootcamp at “Codaisseur” followed by a 2-year traineeship at a still unknown company. It’s a big commitment but I feel like this is a big step for me towards a career in web development!

The bootcamp starts in two days, Sunday the 31st of July, and I will keep you posted about my progress every day during the bootcamp.

I’m looking forward to learn a lot and improve my web development skills in order to get an awesome job as junior web developer.

Be prepared to follow me along my days coding all day and sharing my knowledge with you.



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